Kitchen and bathrooms are two of the home’s most used rooms, especially across the cooler months.

Whether it’s a massive overhaul or minor renovation, Bunnings National Bathroom Buyer, Kristen Beer, provides her top tips on completing kitchen and bathroom renovations:

1) What’s your vision? Work out the style and design of your new kitchen and bathroom before starting work.

2) Schedule time aside to get the job done. No matter how big the renovation, it’s important to dedicate yourself to the project. This will help get the job done quicker and guarantee desired results.

3) Before beginning your project, check with your local council whether the renovation requires specific permits or approvals.

4) Seek assistance when required. Major kitchen and bathroom renovations often require professional help, whether it’s from an electrician, plumber or builder. If in doubt, speak to a Bunnings expert in store as they can guide you in the right direction.

5) Do your research. Home and lifestyle magazines can be a great source of inspiration and provide a wealth of knowledge on how to successfully complete a renovation, as well as including fantastic design tips that can be applied to the home.

6) Don’t give up! Renovations can be a time consuming process so it’s important to always keep your vision top of mind when getting the job done.

7) If you’re replacing old products with new, choose sustainable options. Items such as tap timers, dual flush cisterns and water saving showerheads will reduce the amount of water used in the home and also cut costs on water bills.

8) Take part in a free Kitchen and Bathroom D.I.Y. Workshop at your local Bunnings. The Workshops offer expert tips and tricks and guests also have the opportunity to ask questions before beginning their project.